18 Feb

Online Home Loan – Instant Loan Online

Calculate the financing of your residential project online. Home loan calculator; Guide; Information; Info & Help. As a homeowner you secure a favorable offer for small amounts of financing with our home loan. Mortgage loans, unlike home loans, installment loans or consumer credit, are secured by a land register entry. You can also calculate your individual loan online with variable interest rates – of course also with fixed-rate loans.

Calculate your home loan online

Calculate your home loan online

The online calculator was a very simple device. The lump sum is a constant rate that is calculated over the entire loan term. An interest rate adjustment will only be made if the interest rate changes to guarantee repayment within the original contract term. The flex rate is an individual rate, the amount and period of which is determined when the application is submitted.

For this part of the loan, a borrowing interest rate of 1.82% pa of the interim loan for 18 months is used, followed by 2.6% pa for 222 months of the building society loan. From the end of the fixed income phase up to a period of 20 years from the allocation, annual adjustment between 2.3% and 6% according to the “relevant 12-month Lite Lender” plus 1.8 percentage points, rounded up to the nearest hundredth of a percentage point according to the ” General building society savings conditions “, then the lower interest limit 0% plus premium, no maximum interest limit.

At the end of the fixed interest phase, a target interest rate of 2.6% pa was assumed. This portion of the loan is calculated on the basis of a borrowing rate of 1.85% pa for the current financial year, followed by annual adjustments based on the performance of the “relevant 12-month Lite Lender” plus 1.85 percentage points, rounded up to the full hundredth of a percentage point in accordance with the “General Terms and Conditions for the Home Loan Business”.

If the respective 12-month Lite Lender falls below 0%, the interest rate adjustment is based on a corresponding 12-month Lite Lender of 0% pa. A borrowing interest rate of 1.85% pa was assumed after the end of 2017.

Online home loan

Online home loan

The home loan is intended for the use of loans from AStro Online. It is not possible to continue and at the same time increase an existing home savings loan of AStro Online at AStro Banken under the same number. In any case, a new application for a new loan must be made online by AStro. The minimum loan amount for the new application is 10,000 including a possible repayable housing loan from Skrp.

When you apply for a new total loan, including the previous loan (s), please state the total amount of the loan and the purpose for which it is to be used. For further payment obligations (also vis-à-vis Sparkasse Berlin), please state the total monthly installments as well as the amounts still to be repaid as “financing obligations” in the expenses for online applications.

We calculate the exact amount to be repaid for the savings loan from AStro Online to be settled when processing your new loan application. For a rough estimate of the total loan amount to be claimed, including the new financing requirement, you can approximate the repayment amount, taking into account the loan balance reported to you in the bank statement of the loan and the repayments made up to the repayment.

Please send us the complete and signed loan application with all common documents at the time of application according to the checklist for your home loan by letter. The identification procedure for PostIdents is no longer necessary as a customer of the savings bank. Due to legal requirements, please enclose a copy of your respective valid ID (“front and back”), especially if the current ID document no longer matches the last requested financing or account opening document.

We would like to point out that a complete submission of the application documents will speed up the processing of your application. We ask for your understanding that this online application must be carried out in order to always guarantee favorable conditions for our clients.