28 Feb

Online Credit Without Post – Instant Loan Online

Anyone who opens a checking or overnight money account online or makes an online loan and does not appear to the bank in question in order to legitimize themselves must identify themselves to the bank through the post-identification procedure. In order to successfully submit the application to the bank, it was imperative to go to the post office. Taking a loan online is as easy as ordering a book online. One limitation: the annoying PostIdent procedure. The Smava credit comparison puts an end to this.

Online credit without post ID

Online credit without post ID

Online credit without Post-Ident is not as rare as some consumers may think. Since 2014, there is another approach that allows easy identification. How does the procedure of Postidents work? The post-ID scheme is used to determine identification. In order to apply for an online balance without Post-ID, the consumer does not need to appear in any branch office in order to identify themselves.

You will receive documents from us which must be completed. With the voucher from PostFinance you then bring it to a post office. In this approach, no other party can claim the online balance without the Post-ID for the borrower. More and more online banks are providing their customers with the videoidentification process.

This means that with some providers an online balance without Post-Ident can be completed. Adherence to bank opening hours and identification from home is no longer necessary for the customer. How the videoident method works Many banks offer the so-called videoidentification method for online loans without Post-Ident.

Customers need an Internet connection, a cell phone or even a PC and a webcam. The online balance without post ID is requested online. He just has to attach a hook in the appropriate position. The loan application is sent to the house bank for the videoident process to start.

After the documents have been sent, the bank customer must call the bank via video call. Then the user is asked to have both the front and the back of the card in the chamber. Customers will receive an e-mail or text message to enter a new number. With an online balance without a post ID, the buyer can take advantage of many benefits.

There is a wide range of loan offers.

There is a wide range of loan offers.

The customer is granted a large transparency, which is reflected in the total cost of the loan. The credit comparison portal has a large number of credit offers. The customer must enter the terms and the loan amount. In this way he can face the credit models and the individual banks.

The client can change the search according to his own ideas. If, for example, he finances an online loan without Post-Ident, he can stipulate this in his purpose of use. A loan reconciliation can be done at any time. Since there are no opening hours, the reconciliation can be carried out after work. In order to apply for an online balance without a Post-ID from home, proof must be provided.

The documents are sent to the lender by e-mail, fax or post. Customers must select a provider that works with the videoident method. Once all receipts have been sent out, the borrower can be checked for creditworthiness. If the house bank grants the order, the balance can be paid into the bank account within a few days.

If unanswered queries remain unanswered, the client may contact the lender by e-mail or telephone. Often the terms of the loan are better than the bank. Online banks do not have branches, so you can save them here as well. For a loan application, the applicant must meet the requirements. The legislator stipulates that the purchaser has exceeded the age limit and is registered in the Federal Republic.

She asks how many people live in the house and what obligations exist. Applying for an online loan without a postal ID also depends on the total income level and net household income. The income, which must be available in a reasonable amount, also serves as collateral for the loan. This increases the overall result and thus the chance to receive an online loan without Post-Ident.

Online banks want to have income statements as well as bank statements. If a self-employed person submits the application, he must submit the last three tax assessments to the lender. Before signing, the client should carefully read the purchase contract. This means that the credit is often within 24 hours on the player account.