28 Feb

Online Credit Without Post – Instant Loan Online

Anyone who opens a checking or overnight money account online or makes an online loan and does not appear to the bank in question in order to legitimize themselves must identify themselves to the bank through the post-identification procedure. In order to successfully submit the application to the bank, it was imperative to go to the post office. Taking a loan online is as easy as ordering a book online. One limitation: the annoying PostIdent procedure. The Smava credit comparison puts an end to this.

Online credit without post ID

Online credit without post ID

Online credit without Post-Ident is not as rare as some consumers may think. Since 2014, there is another approach that allows easy identification. How does the procedure of Postidents work? The post-ID scheme is used to determine identification. In order to apply for an online balance without Post-ID, the consumer does not need to appear in any branch office in order to identify themselves.

You will receive documents from us which must be completed. With the voucher from PostFinance you then bring it to a post office. In this approach, no other party can claim the online balance without the Post-ID for the borrower. More and more online banks are providing their customers with the videoidentification process.

This means that with some providers an online balance without Post-Ident can be completed. Adherence to bank opening hours and identification from home is no longer necessary for the customer. How the videoident method works Many banks offer the so-called videoidentification method for online loans without Post-Ident.

Customers need an Internet connection, a cell phone or even a PC and a webcam. The online balance without post ID is requested online. He just has to attach a hook in the appropriate position. The loan application is sent to the house bank for the videoident process to start.

After the documents have been sent, the bank customer must call the bank via video call. Then the user is asked to have both the front and the back of the card in the chamber. Customers will receive an e-mail or text message to enter a new number. With an online balance without a post ID, the buyer can take advantage of many benefits.

There is a wide range of loan offers.

There is a wide range of loan offers.

The customer is granted a large transparency, which is reflected in the total cost of the loan. The credit comparison portal has a large number of credit offers. The customer must enter the terms and the loan amount. In this way he can face the credit models and the individual banks.

The client can change the search according to his own ideas. If, for example, he finances an online loan without Post-Ident, he can stipulate this in his purpose of use. A loan reconciliation can be done at any time. Since there are no opening hours, the reconciliation can be carried out after work. In order to apply for an online balance without a Post-ID from home, proof must be provided.

The documents are sent to the lender by e-mail, fax or post. Customers must select a provider that works with the videoident method. Once all receipts have been sent out, the borrower can be checked for creditworthiness. If the house bank grants the order, the balance can be paid into the bank account within a few days.

If unanswered queries remain unanswered, the client may contact the lender by e-mail or telephone. Often the terms of the loan are better than the bank. Online banks do not have branches, so you can save them here as well. For a loan application, the applicant must meet the requirements. The legislator stipulates that the purchaser has exceeded the age limit and is registered in the Federal Republic.

She asks how many people live in the house and what obligations exist. Applying for an online loan without a postal ID also depends on the total income level and net household income. The income, which must be available in a reasonable amount, also serves as collateral for the loan. This increases the overall result and thus the chance to receive an online loan without Post-Ident.

Online banks want to have income statements as well as bank statements. If a self-employed person submits the application, he must submit the last three tax assessments to the lender. Before signing, the client should carefully read the purchase contract. This means that the credit is often within 24 hours on the player account.

18 Feb

Online Home Loan – Instant Loan Online

Calculate the financing of your residential project online. Home loan calculator; Guide; Information; Info & Help. As a homeowner you secure a favorable offer for small amounts of financing with our home loan. Mortgage loans, unlike home loans, installment loans or consumer credit, are secured by a land register entry. You can also calculate your individual loan online with variable interest rates – of course also with fixed-rate loans.

Calculate your home loan online

Calculate your home loan online

The online calculator was a very simple device. The lump sum is a constant rate that is calculated over the entire loan term. An interest rate adjustment will only be made if the interest rate changes to guarantee repayment within the original contract term. The flex rate is an individual rate, the amount and period of which is determined when the application is submitted.

For this part of the loan, a borrowing interest rate of 1.82% pa of the interim loan for 18 months is used, followed by 2.6% pa for 222 months of the building society loan. From the end of the fixed income phase up to a period of 20 years from the allocation, annual adjustment between 2.3% and 6% according to the “relevant 12-month Lite Lender” plus 1.8 percentage points, rounded up to the nearest hundredth of a percentage point according to the ” General building society savings conditions “, then the lower interest limit 0% plus premium, no maximum interest limit.

At the end of the fixed interest phase, a target interest rate of 2.6% pa was assumed. This portion of the loan is calculated on the basis of a borrowing rate of 1.85% pa for the current financial year, followed by annual adjustments based on the performance of the “relevant 12-month Lite Lender” plus 1.85 percentage points, rounded up to the full hundredth of a percentage point in accordance with the “General Terms and Conditions for the Home Loan Business”.

If the respective 12-month Lite Lender falls below 0%, the interest rate adjustment is based on a corresponding 12-month Lite Lender of 0% pa. A borrowing interest rate of 1.85% pa was assumed after the end of 2017.

Online home loan

Online home loan

The home loan is intended for the use of loans from AStro Online. It is not possible to continue and at the same time increase an existing home savings loan of AStro Online at AStro Banken under the same number. In any case, a new application for a new loan must be made online by AStro. The minimum loan amount for the new application is 10,000 including a possible repayable housing loan from Skrp.

When you apply for a new total loan, including the previous loan (s), please state the total amount of the loan and the purpose for which it is to be used. For further payment obligations (also vis-à-vis Sparkasse Berlin), please state the total monthly installments as well as the amounts still to be repaid as “financing obligations” in the expenses for online applications.

We calculate the exact amount to be repaid for the savings loan from AStro Online to be settled when processing your new loan application. For a rough estimate of the total loan amount to be claimed, including the new financing requirement, you can approximate the repayment amount, taking into account the loan balance reported to you in the bank statement of the loan and the repayments made up to the repayment.

Please send us the complete and signed loan application with all common documents at the time of application according to the checklist for your home loan by letter. The identification procedure for PostIdents is no longer necessary as a customer of the savings bank. Due to legal requirements, please enclose a copy of your respective valid ID (“front and back”), especially if the current ID document no longer matches the last requested financing or account opening document.

We would like to point out that a complete submission of the application documents will speed up the processing of your application. We ask for your understanding that this online application must be carried out in order to always guarantee favorable conditions for our clients.

13 Feb

Apply for loans online – Here’s how to do it right


Loans can now be applied for from various sources. On the one hand, there is the classic route that leads those interested to a local bank in order to be able to present the request for financial support. On the other hand, you can also apply for loans online. There are many providers on the Internet who either act directly as a credit institution or various Internet platforms that only act as intermediaries. But in one thing, all internet offers around the topic of credit are the same.

Apply for loans online

Apply for loans online

Technology does not alone decide on the granting of a loan. One receives immediate information as to whether a loan is possible at all. However, this information is only based on a query from Credit Bureau, and the final decision is still made by an employee of the bank who personally checks and evaluates all the information.

The preliminary decision that the computer makes after a very short time is therefore not a firm commitment, but only a preliminary result.

The sequence

The sequence

If you want to apply for credit online, this step requires just as many documents as for an application in a local bank branch. So you have to be able to identify yourself in the first step. For the identity check not only a copy of the ID card must be attached to the application, but an additional identity check is carried out by PostIdent in a post office. In addition, all income and expenditure must be broken down and, if necessary, documented. Proof of earnings are required as well as the address of the employer.

If you want to apply for a loan online as a self-employed person, you must also submit tax certificates and a sales forecast. In such a case it is also good to be able to name a guarantor who, if possible, is not self-employed and has a regular income. Depending on the amount of the loan, it may be possible that the bank asks for additional collateral when applying online. Real estate, vehicles or valuables are welcome here.

Once you have completed the online questionnaire and attached all the required documents, the application can be submitted to either bank. For some online banks it is sufficient if this is done online. Others, however, wish to be sent by post. You should clarify in advance which path the chosen online bank will take. The exact process can be found in the contract conditions accompanying the corresponding online offer. The processing fee can vary between one day and two weeks and depends on the respective offer.

25 Jan

Financing without credit check – instant loan online

If the Credit Bureau file contains negative entries, financing is often difficult. Would you like to finance a new or used car, furniture or a new kitchen? This example shows how financing works: how to finance a current mobile phone without Credit Bureau, but for many it is not a satisfying solution to ask family members for financial help.

Financing without the participation of Credit Bureau

Financing without the participation of Credit Bureau

Financing without funding without Credit Bureau is either the desired or the only reasonable form of financing for a certain number of people. This applies above all to those who do not want to pass on their personal financial circumstances to third parties or are registered in the Credit Bureau Register. In this way, a borrower can prevent credit rating deterioration in some areas.

Using these new funds to clear existing loans often leads to an increase in its credit rating and lower interest rates. is an information center that collects, evaluates, and distributes information on the payment history of debtors on behalf of domestic financial service providers. Anyone who has drawn attention to his payment morale at the protection company, usually gets no funds to apply for a loan from a bank branch.

For purchases or rescheduling, financing without the use of new technology is a good idea. This financing option is a banking service that is mainly offered on the net or in the daily press.

creative financing

creative financing

Financing for residential property search! Credit Bureau bleak !!! Ideally financed, loans from abroad without the foundation for foreign investors, loans from abroad without the foundation for …. And that without her! You can finance with us, very straightforward and bureaucratic! You do not need your own credit check, no credit check and no …. The number of visits to this ad over the past 14 days:

The number of times this ad has been shown in the past 14 days:

Vehicle o with integrated financing (Car without Credit Bureau) – Customer Magazine (Car without Credit Bureau) – Car Lease without credit information and Liquidity Check.Fair Financing for Everyone in NRW? on the Internet.

For more than 20 years, we have been successfully trading vehicles of all makes without Credit Bureau information about your persons and your liquidity situation. Together with you we will create a personal financial plan in which you can pay the rate for a small supplement either once a week or once a month. The deposit for your vehicle you pay only and bring it right after logging.

With us, there are for every purse vehicles from 990.00 to buy. Used cars in payment. Do you need another vehicle? We are happy to handle the transaction for you, create a duplicate card and organize the entry, unless you already have a duplicate card and give it to us.

Accidents, hire an expert, repair your vehicle and take care of the insurance. Prerequisite for financing a new car with us.

13 Jan

Serious loans without Credit Bureau for the unemployed

Especially with credit offers without Credit Bureau information and guarantors you should be cautious, as here high interest and additional liabilities are incurred. These providers are not serious credit intermediaries – they only receive a commission if they are successful and have no commercial interest in applications with no chance of success. Without proof of income, a loan for the unemployed and self-employed is hardly possible because of the missing transferable salary. In addition, the information provided by the Credit Bureau data must not show any negative characteristics. Loan without Credit Bureau for unemployed friends or relatives. Handshake Loan seekers who have bad Credit Bureau information and no regular job can not get credit from a reputable bank.

Microcredit unemployed – serious opportunities 2018

Microcredit unemployed - serious opportunities 2018

As a rule unemployed people have no prospect of a part payment loan. Even a loan without Credit Bureau is granted only with sufficient income. A possible remedy is the microcredit for the unemployed, but with which very little money can be lent. For higher amounts, additional securities, such as a deposit or a guarantor, are required.

Serious Opportunities for the Unemployed: See our guide on small loans for the unemployed to find out what else you need to know about small loans for the unemployed. It’s easy to explain why financial institutions are reluctant to borrow the jobless money. For the credit institutions, it is not only crucial whether the revenues are sufficient for the payment of the tranches, but also whether they can be confiscated in the event of seizure.

Even for a single person, the seizure limit is 1079.99 USD. Only from 1.080,00 USD, the revenue can be pledged – and even then only a small part. The vast majority of the unemployed remain below this threshold. Because only those who receive unemployment benefits and previously earned well, can have much more.

However, the incapacity allowance is usually paid only for one year and in exceptional cases for up to two years. At this point, the money must be paid out so that an unemployed person has the opportunity to receive a partial payment loan. In addition, there are the Bank’s guidelines for responsible financing, which many institutions submit to themselves.

A seizure of the unemployment benefit is not appropriate.

A seizure of the unemployment benefit is not appropriate.

For this reason, loan applications from the unemployed are almost always rejected. Even reputable credit brokers such. B. brokers such. B. brokers such. As brokers or brokers reject the unemployed usually as a customer. The often demanded micro-loan for unemployed people without Credit Bureau information is just as unrealistic as a normal installment loan. Loans without Credit Bureau are usually granted by foreign banks, which develop their own credit check procedures and therefore do not cooperate with the Credit Bureau.

But even these banks do not give cash. Even the unemployed. Anyone who registers “unemployed” as a profession is therefore usually rejected immediately or placed on a credit platform such as a credit card. B. Lite Lender referenced. The offer to arrange a small loan for the unemployed for payment in advance is questionable. As a rule, the answer is a little later, but no credit could be found, but the participation fee will not be refunded.

With sums up to max. 1.000,00 USD and short-term deadlines, unemployed people can have a perspective in individual cases. Because short-term banks and small sums have a better chance of getting their capital back. So the emergency call of the company for the unemployed without Credit Bureau information is a small loan.

For a rental of USD 100.00 for 30 days, a processing fee of USD 6.00 will be charged. Thereafter, 199.00 USD will be borrowed for 60 days, but the cost is still 6.00 USD. If you only need 100 USD for 20 days, you still have to borrow 199 USD for 60 days. If you pay 6.0 percentage points per month to 100 and neither repayment nor interest, you end up paying not only 72 USD, but also more than 100 USD due to the interest rates.

Thus, the range of services offered by the Berlin-based company “” from Astro Finance AG is better. You can borrow here 100 to 1,000 USD for seven to 30 days. As a rule, the deadline is set in such a way that the loan is paid on the day after receipt of the salary or benefit. Since you only borrow as much as you really need and it will be repaid as soon as possible, there are no unnecessary costs.

But not everyone receives a loan from Astro Finance. The creditworthiness of venture capital is then audited separately. The basic rating for small loans for the unemployed is based on Credit Bureau data. If the second evaluation also shows a weak result, the client does not have to pay anything for the credit assessment.

If he receives a loan, he will charge a fee for the certificate. It can also be used for later loans or presented to homeowners. In the meantime, microcredits with longer maturities are offered. If you need more funds, you need to ask about opportunities for small loans for the unemployed through a house bank. The loan platform can also be a great way to get a real installment.

But the three major providers, Lite Lender, Best Bank and Capital Lender, do not give small loans to unemployed people without Credit Bureau, but the Lite Lender platform uses the slogan “Credit despite Credit Bureau”. All three companies check their creditworthiness in cooperation with Credit Bureau, after which each debtor receives a credit rating that can also be viewed by the lenders and that yields interest.

In order to find enough investors, debtors have to offer a higher interest rate. Because, if not wanting to save enough to donate for a loan, the loan contract does not come off. In principle, however, the credit rating is less consistent here than with a house bank, which increases the chances of the unemployed. However, if the credit rating is too low, potential borrowers will not even be included in the platform.

The one who can offer a guarantee like a piece of jewelry has no difficulty in having a loan agreement independent of his creditworthiness. Since pawnbrokers generally do not receive any Credit Bureau information or provide information to the Credit Bureau, they usually do not even check their usefulness. Because if the money is not repaid, they can auction the bail.

However, the loan may only be part of the collateral value, eg half the total. Because the pledger wants to make sure that he gets his cash back, even if the proceeds of the auction are lower than hoped. However, unlike some websites, that does not mean that in the worst case you will lose a USD 1,000 deposit for a loan worth USD 500.00.

If 1,000.00 USD are withdrawn, then first the claims and the auction costs are settled, the remaining amount is then paid to the previous owner. However, the mortgage loan is not completely without shadow. Interest rates are often high because the deposit must be estimated and stored, which costs money. By securing the house bank by registering a mortgage fee, you will usually get a loan without any problems.

If you do not have a deposit, you still have a guarantor to have a small loan for the unemployed. The loan is very easy if the shareholder has a good income. The loan can then be put together quite easily. For most credit applications, there is a possibility, both partners are then gleichulduldner.

For three days I ask you, until I have freed the sisters from the husband, I let the acquaintance crush you as a guarantor. However, this is usually not the case. 4. You then need a guarantor, for example for your family, for your children or for your fellow human beings. She declares that she is in default of payment for the debtor guarantees and the house bank can assert the claim against him.

In the case of a directly enforceable guarantee, this provision shall cease to apply if, in the absence of payment in installments, the principal bank can claim without delay from the guarantor. Of course this is a big risk for them. If you want to take out a small loan for the unemployed with the assistance of a guarantor, you must carefully check whether you can repay the loan.

Who lacks the credit for a start-up loan, which should also discuss with the guarantor, which ultimately clings to the liabilities. Without Credit Bureau information, a small loan for the unemployed is possible, but costly and available only for very small sums. Even better are the micro credits of Rexcash, which require a Credit Bureau investigation, but are cheaper.

If you need more cash for a longer period, you will need a deposit or guarantor. With a guarantee you can also conclude a normal installment loan agreement.

22 Dec

To borrow in spite of debt

Taking out a loan despite debt 

Taking out a loan despite debt 

For borrowers, the likelihood of a positive loan application increases significantly if there is no previous debt or other current loans. In fact, almost all debts tend to be interpreted as current loans, even if they were not originally created as loans.

After all, sooner or later both companies and private individuals will have to settle the debt, which will cause the debt to involuntarily assume the same characteristics as credit. If there is already debt, regardless of whether it is planned or unplanned, problems can arise for the borrower when taking out another loan. In this case, the bank must not only fear possible over-indebtedness for its existence, but even expect the bank to issue no further loans. Taking out a loan despite debt is also largely dependent on how much assets and income the borrower has to show.

Without a doubt, a high income also increases the chance of getting another loan, although non-liquid funds such as real estate can also flow positively into the loan application. When applying for a loan, the lender must then determine whether the borrower can be expected to take out another loan, which the borrower can also repay in full and on time. If there are any uncertainties on the part of the bank, they must question whether enough assets are available for attachment in the event of an emergency. Taking out a loan despite debt is only possible if at least one of these questions can be answered positively by the lender in accordance with their own guidelines.

The amount of debt also counts

The amount of debt also counts

Of course, financial debt is not the same as debt. The lender makes a clear distinction here, depending on how high the debt is or how long existing loans still have to be paid off. The type of debt is also crucial, because buying a car or paying in installments for a car creates almost inevitable debts, which are classified as such from the start and paid off over the specified period. In the evaluation of borrowing, debts that are actually not supposed to be or should never have arisen are much more negative.

These may not be on-time or unpaid bills from mail order companies, but also outstanding liabilities to service providers. Taking out the loan in spite of debt is therefore possible if the borrower can also prove to be reliable towards the bank. Unpaid bills and outstanding unplanned liabilities can quickly lead to rejection by lenders, even if the lender maintains loose guidelines for issuing a loan. In the end, it is always the individual case that decides, because lenders assess each borrower individually according to their requirements and financial situation.

08 Dec

Credit Despite Credit Bureau for the unemployed – instant loan online


Despite negative Credit Bureau and unemployment, getting a loan is not easy. Therefore, you usually get only one loan despite unemployment from dubious providers. Despite negative Credit Bureau and unemployment, getting a loan is almost impossible. Nowadays you can easily take out a loan despite unemployment. Of course, there are also loans for the unemployed.

Loans despite Credit Bureau and unemployment

Loans despite Credit Bureau and unemployment

Anyone who, despite Credit Bureau and unemployment, finds an offer from credit institutions on the internet for a loan despite Credit Bureau and unemployed people should take a closer look at this. 2. The risk of default is very high, so it is assumed that the interest rate will also be at an appropriate level.

An unemployed person who has a negative entry in the Credit Bureau should therefore calculate exactly whether their own money is sufficient or whether the credit can really pay off despite Credit Bureau and unemployment. In addition, it is advisable to check the loan offers carefully despite Credit Bureau, because not every loan offer is meant seriously.

Is z. If, for example, a processing fee is payable before the granting of the loan, if the documents are sent by post for a fee or if, despite Credit Bureau and unemployment, further services are connected with the loan, it is absolutely essential to forego these loans. A personal loan in spite of Credit Bureau and the unemployed on a credit market place There are various credit markets on the net where there are opportunities to obtain a personal loan despite Credit Bureau and the unemployed.

Private investors, who also expect high credit risk, can offer credit despite Credit Bureau and unemployment. But with luck, you will find a loan offer, despite Credit Bureau and the unemployed, which offers good conditions according to your own possibilities. If a person known to us or someone close to us agrees to provide the borrower with a personal loan despite Credit Bureau and unemployment, this possibility can, of course, also be considered.

Although this loan is the unbureaucratic option despite Credit Bureau and unemployment, you should always communicate your own financial situation with an open card and the third party. A good card for a loan despite Credit Bureau and unemployed you can also have at a house bank, if there is a trusted person who stands up for you.

She should neither be unemployed nor have a negative entry in the Credit Bureau and be liable for non-payment directly for the remaining debt of the borrower. The guarantor should also be aware that a guarantee is recorded in Credit Bureau and can therefore have a negative impact on one’s own creditworthiness.

Loan from the Employment Agency

Loan from the Employment Agency

A loan from the Employment Agency may be requested from the Employment Agency if necessary. This interest-free loan offer, despite Credit Bureau and unemployment, has the great advantage that it is paid out in monthly installments of five to ten USD.

Despite Credit Bureau and unemployment, however, it should be kept in mind that this loan is not freely available but always intended for a specific purpose. This means that the employment agency only provides services if you have an emergency, eg repairing the machine or moving in, because the apartment is down.

The application for a loan despite Credit Bureau and unemployment is therefore always thoroughly examined. If you want to buy a vehicle, it is probably a bit easier to get a loan despite Credit Bureau and unemployment. The vehicle remains for the time being at the house bank. A credit line as a credit despite Credit Bureau and unemployedWho has a credit line on his current account, for which it is possible without problems to be able to transfer quickly and easily by overdrawn his account.

It is important, however, that an overdraft with a very high level of interest rates is 2. A direct debit loan, in fact, is only suitable for bridging short-term financial bottlenecks. If you do not have a syndicate loan, a house bank rejects a loan application despite Credit Bureau and the unemployed.

If there is already a disposition on the current account, Lite Lender is also entitled to cancel it according to the conditions.